Mirage 2000C Slovak Air Force "Milka"

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Mirage 2000C Slovak Air Force "Milka"

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - mungo
Date - 05/17/2019 17:27:08
Skin based on a real skin of the slovak Mig-21 MF

Two other color varieties included - desert and attack one.

Transfer of the real skin of the Slovak Air Force Mig-21 MF number 7713 to Mirage 2000C.

- Two other recolored skins are included based on colors used in Slovak (or former Czecho-Slovak) Air Force, one based on Su-22 fighter-bomber and another one based on (probably export) variant of the trainee aircrafts (L-29 Delfin, L-39 Albatros) that are of the desert type.
- Colors were selected according to the commercially available "authentic" paints for scale modelers. Final shades are influenced by the "adjustment by eyeball", skin template and in-game engine. Due to original skins looked too dark in the game, I used lighter shades of the original colors. Former versions are in the separate directory and can be swapped.
- All skins use same names thus copying any skin into any of the provided directories will work only the names would not fit.
- Milka skin is relatively clean, Su-22/Desert are made to look more dirty.
- Only official template was used thus all credits except for the making of the particular skin and adjustments go to its creator(s)
- Tested in DCS 2.5

Milka: Original white-grey-black skin looks like classic cartoon picture of the cow, that is probably source of the name (years ago there was often running advertisement for the famous chocolate brand featuring cow - hence probably the nickname).
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