MiG-19P Navigation Practice Missions set on Caucasus

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MiG-19P Navigation Practice Missions set on Caucasus

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Date - 04/06/2019 20:14:42
Set of 3 Navigation practice missions for the MiG-19P set on Caucasus.  As with all my missions, you need to have the VPC Airfield Mod installed, as I refuse to fly from bare airbases  ... you can download it from here:


The missions have random background air traffic, for ambiance, so you have to be careful when taxing and contact ATC before taxi or entering the runway.

To install these missions, just uncompress on your /Saved Games/DCS/ or /Saved Games//DCS.openbeta/  folders ... the Missions will then appear on DCS on the Missions -> User Missions menu.

Each Mission includes a custom kneeboard with the mission's briefing (also included in PDF format). To encourage precision flying, a points score is given at the end of the Mission, after the player has landed.

Comments and Bug reports, please post them on this Thread of ED's Forum: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=234073
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