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DCS World 2.5
P-51D Mustang

P-51D Dogfight Trainer

Uploaded by - ECMO1
Date - 09/13/2018 22:34:32
***Updated 22 May 2021***

1. If a bandit is damaged and forced to land, but isn't "killed," the player will get a "Good Kill" message and new bandit is generated.
2. If player exits then re-enters the arena while a bandit is still active, the mission won't generate another bandit (i.e. only one active bandit is permitted). This allows the player to recover, rejoin and reset between engagements.

P-51D section CAP (22k') over Caen (Normandy map). Lead a section of Mustangs into an engagement zone (arena) around Caen. Upon entering the zone, one of twenty four  random threat aircraft (109 or 190) will be generated at a random altitude (20k'-24k') and random direction. A new threat is generated after each enemy is destroyed/forced to land and each time the player exits and re-enters the arena if no threat is currently active. Good Luck

I built this mission to provide players with a simple way to improve their spotting and dogfighting skills. This is a simple mission to allow dogfight practice in the P-51D vs. average AI pilots in the 109 and 190.  The mission can be easily modified to change the AI's skill, change the P-51D into a Spit or any other modifications you would like. The wingman is provided to aid the player with detecting threats, get the player used to operating as a flight lead, and help protect new pilots while they develop their skills and confidence. Plus, it's just plain fun.
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