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Syrian Arab Air force Pack *Updated 11/09/2020*

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Fecha - 29.06.2017 14:04:32
Syrian Air Force pack for DCS world. Includes skins for IL-76, SU-24, YAK-40, MIG-29A, SU-27, KA-50, L-39C/ZA, MI-24 and MI-8

Mod that adds the Syrian Arab Air force to the game
IL-76 is in a Syrian Air livery
MIG-29A is 689th Squadron from the infamous T-4 Air Base
SU-27 is based on a SU-27SK sent to Syria in 2001 for test and evaluation for service in the SaAF
MI-8 is based off Syrian Air force MI-24 and MI-8's
MI-24 is based off of Syrian Air Force MI-24V
KA-50 (Fictional) is based off Syrian Air force MI-24 and MI-8's
SU-24 is from the 819 Squadron, Tiyas
YAK-40 liveries are from Syria's national air line Syrian Air, old and new.

VERSION 2.0 Changelog
-Added SU-24 livery 819 Squadron
-Added 2 YAK-40 Syrian Air liveries
-Added IL-76 Syrian Air Liveries
-Fixed MIG-29A BORT numbers


1- Place the folder Bazar & core mods in your DCS directory.
2- :drag and drop the folder scripts into your DCS folder


../<user>/Saved Games/DCS/liveries/

and you're good to go. Aircraft are found under the Syrian faction.

Update 2.1

Fixed the size of the Arabic Numbers so they shouldn't look broken on aircraft
Added SU-27 "04" skin, which was a demonstrator that Russia sent to Syrian in 2001, which had Syrian Air Force Markings

Update 05/02/19:
Updated all textures with mip maps
Removed the MIG-29S (they do not use this variant of the MIG-29)
Added S-300 System to Syrian faction
Update 05/09/2020
Removed Custom Unit list, ED has begun adding units to Syrian Faction
MI-24V, IL-76, SU-27 and Mi-8 Liveries Found under Russian Faction (due to both aircraft not yet being apart of Syrian Faction)
Updated MIG-29A Livery so BORT numbers show again
Updated L-39 Liveries removing Rectangle Green squres behind the numbers

Update 11/09/2020
Removed old Mi-8 Livery
Added Three New MI-8 Liveries:
- Old (1970-1980's Camo)
- Standard Commonly seen Mi-8 current day with grey undercarriage
- New, based off of refurbished MI-8MTV2's given to Syria by Russia  

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