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Assault on Mineral 'nye Vody, v1.01

Uploaded by - KosPilot
Date - 10/05/2012 05:07:43
Blue: Take Mineral 'nye Vody airport and surrounding FARP's
11x A-10C @ Nalchik and Moztok
4x Su-25T @ Nalchik
4x Ka-50 @ Nalchik + 2x Ka-50 for every FARP when captured, 4x FARP total; Perth, Moscow, Warsaw and Madrid.
CA Strike Force: 50+ ground units consisting of MBT, IFV, AAA and SAM defences.

Red: Defend Mineral 'nye Vody airport, SAM's and surrounding FARP's. Harass Blue Coalition whenever possible.
2x Ka-50 @ MnV

Update, v1.01, Bugfix, Red Ka-50 on MnV do now have fuel!

Assault on MnV is made with focus on replayability.
Red defenses are fully randomized. So is the Blue CA Strike Force.
There is JTAC support for Blue, and the mission is designed to fit TurboHog's Mod JTAC & AWACS for Ka-50:

The mission has been extensively tested by The Older Gamers sim-crew and is 1.2.1 verified. Note that there is no ATC on Red FARPS.

The Red forces defending Mineral 'nye Vody are completely surrounded by Blue coalition. Desperate to hold their ground, they have set up a perimeter of ground units and maintain a strong SAM defense.
Low on fuel and pilots, the last of their Ka-50's have orders to disrupt Blues' advances and defend Red FARP's.

Blue Coalition is to punch through Red defenses and destroy all Red aircraft parked at Mineral 'nye Vody airport.
Capturing the Red FARP's and eliminating primary SAM threats is necessary before a direct assault on MnV is possible.
A considerable Blue Combined Arms strike force is available for ground operations.
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