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DCS: World
A-10C Warthog
Assault on Mineral 'nye Vody, v1.01
Author - KosPilot
Date - 10/05/2012 05:07:43
Blue: Take Mineral 'nye Vody airport and surrounding FARP's
11x A-10C @ Nalchik and Moztok
4x Su-25T @ Nalchik
4x Ka-50 @ Nalchik + 2x Ka-50 for every FARP when captured, 4x FARP total; Perth, Moscow, Warsaw and Madrid.
CA Strike Force: 50+ ground units consisting of MBT, IFV, AAA and SAM defences.

Red: Defend Mineral 'nye Vody airport, SAM's and surrounding FARP's. Harass Blue Coalition whenever possible.
2x Ka-50 @ MnV
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