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F-86F Sabre
Outremer Sabre

Outremer Sabre

Type - Campaign
Author - SFC Tako
Date - 13.08.2016 03:03
My first Outremer campaign was made for this aircraft...and now it's been ported and polished from other campaigns...that were ported and polished from the original Sabre campaign. So we've come full circle now!

DIFFICULTY: Hard, not for whimps or manual clutching nerds.
This is full-on macho, oldschool flying. Danger is doubled and you're never gonna get the upper hand. You will ALWAYS be outnumbered and outgunned. But if you can stomach such conditions, you WILL have fun.
Basically, this is not some training campaign in Mickey Mouse-country ;)
NEW GUYS TAKE NOTE: If you're new to the Sabre or DCS, you WILL learn flying this old jet in this here campaign.
You begin at the deep end right away - but all you need is the right attitude. You will understand once you get strapped in...

INSTRUCTIONS: Use winrar to unpack the file. You will then get further instructions inside the respective folders. And they're easy, you'll have this installed in no time.
-------------------------- TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------
Do NOT use time acceleration in this campaign, it will make the AI blind. You will just ruin the whole experience and if you think you're smart doing it, well guess what? The AI isn't just the enemy, it's friendlies too. So if you're a very busy pilot that can't spend 30-45 minutes per mission - walk away.
-------------------------- END OF TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------

UPDATE (Aug 13th 2016)
Adjusted time in third mission (sun movement offset yet again, making mission totally dark and quite unplayable)
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