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F-86F Sabre

MIG15 vs F86: Operation Riverrun

Uploaded by - d0o0m
Date - 03/23/2016 16:47:25
Here is a new mission i created for MP servers. Feel free to modify at will.

Very simple in setup as it uses the new Stonehouse/Lukrop GCI script. I have also added a dynamic weather front so you have some nice cloud banks that may/may not obscure targets.

8 x Mig 15 vs. 8 x F86

DPRK must eliminate a group of 8 F-86 static units at the civil AF in Kutaisi.
USA must attrit a DPRK base <50% in Sukhumi.

AI will take off/spawn at your bases as per the GCI script.

There is ONE Awacs per side that will need to be protected.

All comms are tested and working in the mission with appropriate info in the briefings.


F-86 vs Mig-15 with AI traffic, CAP and Interceptors
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