DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign

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And the battle rages on! This time you are an officer of the UAE Air Force, with Bedouin ancestry; a pilot of the Special Operations Squadron - Captain Khalid Al-Mansouri. You will take part in a series of interesting campaigns; MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction. Detailed and high-quality work from Stone Sky will once again surprise you.

The USA has strengthened its military forces in the region, Iran is embroiled in a civil war but it continues to protect its interests in the Persian Gulf. Maritime traffic in the Strait of Hormuz is at a standstill. Every day, opposing interests enforce security protecting their oil tankers from enemy sabotage. Intelligence proved that Iran still has nuclear weapons capabilities and added fuel to the fire.

The Special Operations Squadron is one team! And during all 12 missions you will be able to feel like a part of this team. Each mission for you is a flight as part of a group as a wingman or as a leader!

A realistic story will reveal interesting facts about the weapons and capabilities of the Blue Coalition for you.

In the collaborative operation with NATO "Preventive Blow" in the heart of the Musandam Peninsula, you will take part in the NATO Helicopter-Ship Qualification in the Arabian Gulf, facing high winds and a sandstorm. You will take part in the landing on the coast near the city of Bender-Lengeh, as well in the assault on a large city as part of a major operation "Sweltering Heat"

Key Features:

  • Secret operations of the US Army and NATO on enemy territory
  • An operation to free a CIA officer on enemy territory
  • CAS operations
  • CSAR operations
  • Assault operations
  • 12 narrative missions with English, Russian localization
  • Over 1300 voiced story radio dialogues
  • Over 1400 triggers
  • Custom liveries for UH-1, UH-60, JF-17, Su-27 and Su-33


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English, Russian