DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels Campaign

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Some dreams are worth fighting for. “Speed and Angels, the Campaign” is a joint production between Reflected Simulations, and Commander Paco Chierici. Paco is a former Tomcat fighter pilot and F-5 bandit. He is the creator and producer of the film Speed and Angels and the novel Lions of the Sky. Together Paco and Reflected have joined forces to bring you a truly epic DCS campaign combining next level realism and immersion. Together Paco and Reflected have joined forces to bring you a truly epic DCS campaign passionately weaving story, realism, and immersion. You will live the campaign. Strap in.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly an actual Tomcat in combat? To feel the pressure of the moment, the skills you learned so very recently bouncing around in your head as you're racing toward an angry bandit with 1000 knots of closure? To press into danger after a wingman evaporates from a missile hit? To engage a 4th generation fighter loaded to the gills with deadly missiles and 30mm rounds? Have you ever wondered how you would fare with the weight of the moment resting squarely on your shoulders?

Come join the Grim Reapers to learn how to fly the Tomcat. Prepare yourself for combat with ten rigorous RAG training sorties designed to teach you how to properly employ the most famous weapons system to ever take to the skies. If you graduate by passing all the training missions, including day and night Carrier Quals, you will join the Blacklions on a ship deploying to meet a highly realistic threat scenario over the Marianas. Once you hit the fleet, you will be in the shit, dodging SAMs, striking defended targets, merging with Flankers intent on killing you and your carrier. You will either use all the skills you learned in the RAG and rise to the challenge of being a front line Tomcat pilot in combat, or disappear in a cloud of hair, teeth, and eyeballs. There is no middle ground in combat. Victory or death.

Key Features:

  • 10 challenging training missions based on real life RAG syllabus
  • 6 additional missions over the Marianasv
  • Over 3000 specially recorded voice-overs
  • Featuring the voice of Francesco ’Paco’ Chierici, Meagan ’Slick’ Flannigan and many other naval aviators featured in the campaign
  • A fully automated RIO, no need to use the Jester menu.
  • Realistic custom squadron paint schemes
  • Unique, period correct kneeboard graphics for each mission
  • Detailed briefings in PDF format for each mission
  • Checklists, and in-flight guides available in game as well as in PDF format


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English