Operation "Pop Quiz" - with "voiceovers" by kiko.

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DCS World 2.7
F-16C Viper

Operation "Pop Quiz" - with "voiceovers" by kiko.

Uploadé par - kareemabdelhady
Date - 04.12.2021 06:44:13
You are a member of a squadron on a NATO deployment , you are to lead a regular ESCORT sortie call-sign "colt"  , joining up with the fleet tanker to replace their current escort flight, while you are on your mission a dramatic change of events leads to a mission change! GOOD LUCK.

Please make sure to read the briefing provided carefully to fully enjoy this mission.please insure using the first slot in all air frames as it has all the triggers linked to it.

You can fly this mission as a single player with an AI pilot as your wing-man ,or you can play it as 2 players and just anchor the AI pilot , available slots are for F14,F16,F18 two of each , i recommend flying the mission with max 3 pilots.
Provide ESCORT for fleet tanker and await further instructions.


- Conserve fuel , you will need it ,its a long sortie (350nm)
- All tasking will be provided via voice overs, so listen carefully , also on screen messages are available.
- When joining up to the tanker , lead pilot needs to be within 1000 ft from the tanker for the triggers to work.
- Follow way points provided precisely.
- Please stick to the type and count of weapons loaded on the aircraft but feel free to change the mounting order.
- Both tankers are available on your way back to base TCN in briefing.
-All aircraft are cold on ramp.
-Wait for the AWACS to takeoff first while you start and align your jet.
-All needed info available in the briefing.

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