Operation "Pop Quiz" - with "voiceovers" by kiko.

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DCS: World 2.7
F-16C Viper

Operation "Pop Quiz" - with "voiceovers" by kiko.

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Data - 04.12.2021 06:44:13
You are a member of a squadron on a NATO deployment , you are to lead a regular ESCORT sortie call-sign "colt"  , joining up with the fleet tanker to replace their current escort flight, while you are on your mission a dramatic change of events leads to a mission change! GOOD LUCK.

Please make sure to read the briefing provided carefully to fully enjoy this mission.

You can fly this mission as a single player with an AI pilot as your wing-man ,or you can play it as 2 players and just anchor the AI pilot , available slots are for F14,F16,F18 two of each , i recommend flying the mission with max 3 pilots.
Provide ESCORT for fleet tanker and await further instructions.


- Conserve fuel , you will need it ,its a long sortie (350nm)
- All tasking will be provided via voice overs, so listen carefully , also on screen messages are available.
- When joining up to the tanker , lead pilot needs to be within 1000 ft from the tanker for the triggers to work.
- Follow way points provided precisely.
- Please stick to the type and count of weapons loaded on the aircraft but feel free to change the mounting order.
- Both tankers are available on your way back to base TCN in briefing.
-All aircraft are cold on ramp.
-Wait for the AWACS to takeoff first while you start and align your jet.
-All needed info available in the briefing.

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