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DCS: World 2.5
Normandy Variable

Normandy Variable

Auteur - Apache600
Date - 01.02.2020 18:14:31
- Version 1.3 -
Hello and Welcome to the Normandy Variable mission.

This is an all-in-one style Air-Ground, Air-Air attack mission for the Normandy map, and supports every flyable platform in DCS.  All Fixed wing aircraft start at either Saint Pierre du Mont, Deux Jumeaux, or Cricqueville-en-Bessin.  While all the helicopters start at Cricqueville-en-Bessin.  There is also a fleet sailing North - South, starting just north of the Land Based spawning airfields.  The Kuznestov has 3 Su-33’s, the Stennis has 4 F-18’s, the Tarawa has 4 AV-8B’s, and the Carl Vinson has 2 slots for “Mod of Interest” (Defaulted to F-18’s).

Ground Mission Difficulty definitions:
   Unattended Depots:  No enemy return fire.
   Easy - Intended to be completed by a single player. Air defense includes small arms and vehicle mounted machine guns.  
   Medium - Can be completed by a more competent single player, but really intended for 2+ players.   Air defense includes AAA vehicles (guns) some with radar capability.  And a possible short range IR SAM unit. (AAA for WWII)
   Hard - Intended for a small group, or team, of players.  Air defense includes multiple SAM's, both IR and Radar. (AAA, Flak for WWII)

Air Mission Difficulty definitions:  (These missions are mainly built for 1-2 players, except for the "Large Cap Group's" air missions.  Those are more suited for larger groups of player's flying together.)
   Easy - Either a few non-retaliatory aircraft, or a single fighter or two with guns only. (Vietnam and Modern enemies may have IR missiles)
   Medium - One or more retaliatory aircraft.  Short range missiles possible.
   Hard - Multiple retaliatory aircraft with possibility of both short and long range missiles.
   For “Large CAP Group’s” all difficulties have A-A missiles.

None of the aircraft have ordinance already loaded.  So don't forget to load something!  

Only Mi-8's and Huey's are listed as "Medevac" and are the only ones that can do rescue mission pickups.

In order to activate a mission, you MUST select it through the F10 radio menu option.

Once completed with a mission, you will have the option of selecting a new mission.   If you selected a mission that you no longer wish to complete, or have selected a mission in error, you can use the "Auto-complete" radio option to delete the units and go back to the main menu.    ** NOTE - if you select the "auto-complete" option, you can no longer select that mission in the future. **

All Helo Missions require at least one helicopter that can pick up troops.  That would only be the Mi-8, or the UH-1 at this time.

AWAC's is available at 263Mhz (Chan 11 for aircraft that need it, Chan G for Viggen)  AWAC is set to Immortal and Invisible.

Tanker aircraft (Texaco) is operated on a respawnable script.  It is also set to Invisible.  If the tanker runs out of fuel, a new one will spawn.
Tanker aircraft is available at 257Mhz (Chan 12 for aircraft that need it)

Update Log:

v1.3:   A-10CII’s are correct platform in client list now.
           P-47-40’s are correct platform in client list now.
           Added 2 F-14A’s for both Land and Sea
           Fixed briefing issue with Air - Air missions

v1.2:    Added 4 A-10C II’s
            Added 6 more P-47’s. Variants
            Increased Su-27’s fuel to 100%
            Removed scripted Tankers (problem with script) and replaced with KC-135’s

v1.1:    Added 4 P-47’s
Changed Carriers to Super Carriers
Removed extra CVN’s
Moved all U.S carrier aircraft to Roosevelt
Reduced escort fleet size
Added additional client Su-33 to Kuznetsov
Now 2 separate flights of C-101CC’s with Sea Eagle capability
Adjusted positions of helo spawns
Adjusted/added numerous WWII missions to include new Assets units
Corrected some timing issues with triggers
Fixed trigger issue when completing Enigma Heist
Fixed trigger issue with Unattended Airport mission
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