Operation Suppository Freedom (UH-1H)

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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey

Operation Suppository Freedom (UH-1H)

Type - Campagne
Uploadé par - Procrastinator55
Date - 22.01.2019 13:00:35
A four mission UH-1 mini-campaign taking place during 1973 in an alternate history. Complete with in-game tunable radio stations playing period music, voice overs, different weather situations, and a variety of mission objectives.

Youtube Demo-  https://youtu.be/c12TIrRQIvU

Feedback and discussion- https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=230473

Get individual and 2 player coop missions here- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ubWZpisQTQ6u-d__Ijn6nz1r1x9eNS_f

Install instructions-
Standalone- Unzip included file and put the CONTENTS (not the folder itself) of the folder into your C:/Program Files/Eagle dynamics/DCS World/Mods/aircraft/Uh-1H/Missions/Campaigns.

Steam- Unzip included file and put the CONTENTS (not the folder itself) of the folder into your steamapps/common/DCS World/Mods/aircraft/Uh-1H/Missions/Campaigns

This campaign requires that you have correct frequencies for correct radios when prompted. You will miss certain ques and triggers if you are not proficient with radios.

This campaign also uses the radio F10 menu for much of its dialog. Simply, under your radio menu, under the F10 "other" will be your dialog options when prompted.

Some missions require that you know how to use the Huey's troop embark/disembark system.

This campaign has player locations disabled on the map to better simulate the time frame. The navigation is always straight forward, but you must know how to plan a flight.

This campaign is not an easy one. It requires average skill and know how. One example is being able to cargo load via hook.

Campaign Briefing-

The year is 1973 in an alternate time line. The US backed forces manage to drive out the communists in Vietnam. The Soviets have been pressed by hard times with a failing economy and political structure. The Soviet citizens are upset and are beginning to revolt. The party leading the revolt, The New Red Army (NRA), is gaining rapid traction and the future for the USSR is bleak.

In the chaos of the new russian revolution, many Soviet satellite states are leaving the union, attempting self-rule. One of these states is the nation of Georgia. In their split, two warring factions formed to take control. One aligned with democratic western countries, the other aligned with the more radical NRA. With the battles raging (and the economic potential of the area), US and NATO forces have decided to fully support the western aligned Georgia military. Starting with just air power and slowly moving to direct combat support.

In this campaign, you will take control of a UH-1H helicopter pilot in supporting democratic Georgian forces.
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