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DCS: World
A-10C Warthog

Op - Blindside v1.3

Uploadé par - Mauritz
Date - 07.02.2015 19:05:11
Air-to-Ground mission for 1-12 players. Roles include Strike, SEAD & CAP. Target variation & scaling Enemy Air.
Now includes a Chopper tasking.

OP - Blindside
By Mauritz
7th Feb 2015

For 1 - 12 Players

Flyable Aircraft:
    4x A-10C
    2x SU-25T
    2x MiG-21
    2x F-15C
    1x UH-1
    1x KA-50

    Hello all,
    Thank You for showing interest in my mission, the
    first one to be published to date. It was envisioned
    an open-ended sortie with some difficulty scaling.
    I would like to think that I was successful in
    delivering so much at least. While I'll never be
    able to say it's 100% reliable, the mission has been
    tested extensively.
    A little about the actual mission then: primarily
    it's a ground attack mission. There are multiple
    roles available however, including CAP & SEAD.
    All Targets, ranging fr om Ammo Depots to parked
    aircraft & artillery, are concentrated around a
    single geographical location. Vehicles & buildings
    are static objects to reduce performance pull with
    live air defences littered across the AO. Enemy Air
    presence scale to amount of BLUFOR aircraft around
    the AO. No fancy spawn scripts, so there is a lim it
    to the total enemy aircraft. The 'score' needed to
    'win' should also scale with the amount of players.
    There's also been an added mission. A Recon team,
    callsign Badger, require extraction from the AO.
    This is something of an endurance task for the
    chopper pilot. Returning the team to the airfield
    nets you a good amount of points toward completion.
    The Huey will be be to request a beacon from Badger
    within ~80km & it will transmit on their frequency.
    I hope You enjoy & feel free to contact me with
    criticism & suggestions.
    7/2-2015 v0.98 Initial Release
    21/9-2015 v1.3 Release of heavily tweaked version
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