DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer

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The DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer is the follow-on to the renowned DCS: A-10C Warthog, bringing many improvements and new additions including the latest weapons, a helmet-mounted sight, and upgraded graphics

Its seven-barrel, 30mm GAU-8/A Gatling gun can fire up to 3,900 HEAP rounds a minute, chewing through tanks, armoured vehicles, bunkers and a host of other targets.

One of the most robust and survivable aircraft ever built, the Thunderbolt is a joy to fly. You can throw it around at low speed to acquire targets while avoiding threats, and it will always repay your skill. A large bubble canopy gives you great all-round visibility, making it easier to see and strike enemy assets.

Able to survive hits from armor-piercing and high explosive projectiles up to 23mm, the Thunderbolt has no fear of the front line. Deliver highly accurate AGM-65 Maverick missiles, laser and GPS-guided bombs, rockets and a wide range of other weapons in all weathers. The advanced Helmet mounted cueing system allows you to search and engage targets with ease and share target locations in real time with wingmen using the integrated Tactical Awareness Display.

The go-to Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft of the United States, the A-10 Warthog proved its lethal worth in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now in an even more fearsome form, the DCS A-10C Thunderbolt II lets you stay in the fight - and win.

Release: 09/30/2020

Key features:

  • A-10C II adds new weapons that include the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System (APKWS), AGM-65L laser-Maverick, and GBU-54 laser-guided JDAM.
  • New cockpit with options for factory-fresh or wear-and-tear textures.
  • "Scorpion" Helmet-Mounted Integrated Cueing System (HMCS).
  • ARC-210 radio (coming soon).
  • Updated external model with improved textures and materials.
  • Fly the A-10C "Warthog" in either realistic or game modes.
  • Fly missions in either the Black Sea region or one of the many DLC maps like the Persian Gulf, Syria, and more.
  • Multiplayer cooperative and head-to-head.
  • Feature-rich Mission and Campaign editors allow user created content.
  • The most realistic flight dynamics ever done for a PC simulation.
  • Huge array of land, air, and sea units to flight along and against.
  • Fully interactive Forward Air Controller (FAC) that helps you find targets.