DCS: Ka-50 2 Pandemic Campaign

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In August 2020, terrorist gangs, taking advantage of the turbulent internal political situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, invaded its territory and occupied part of the country. The Iranian government has requested military assistance from the Russian Federation. You will take part in an anti-terrorist operation as part of a limited contingent of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, as a pilot of a Ka-50 attack helicopter.

Release: 04/14/2021

Key features:

  • 12 story missions.
  • Detailed briefings with pictures.
  • Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages and radio broadcasts.
  • Performing tasks, day and night in different weather conditions.
  • A wide range of tasks, including patrolling, escorting convoys with weapons and transport helicopters, supporting ground forces and tasks to destroy enemy groups.


Voiceovers English, Russian
Briefings/Subtitles English, Russian