DCS: F/A-18C Rising Squall Campaign

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Rising Squall is a campaign driven by an intricate storyline and intense conflict. While striving for a smooth learning curve for beginners, with missions that progressively become more difficult, the campaign pays heavy attention to the gameplay atmosphere and experience, with professional voice-actors and background music respectively, complementing them.

The story takes place in N.E 053 in the INVERTED world. The discovery of Chunium-500 seemed to be a solution to the energy crisis. However, it has also become an uncertainty that once again has intensified the competition between nations.

Release: 01/27/2021

At the same time, an alarming increase in insurgent activities in Star Union has brought increased risks to foreign energy companies. As a result, security companies have joined the action, giving protection to the assets and employees of these energy giants. Energy companies, security companies and nations all profit from the discovery of Chunium.

As a newly joined security pilot, you will contribute to fighting terrorists and protecting the energy companies. However, although initially you think your missions are plain and simple, the truth of the ongoing conflicts slowly unfolds...

Key Features:

  • No SPACEBAR pressing or F10 menu for dialogue.
  • Artistic briefing pictures with comic-style drawings.
  • Complementary visual novels before each mission (English subtitled).
  • Mission checkpoints and checkpoint autoloading after a crash.
  • Objective display bar, no more getting lost.
  • Pre-recorded intro and controls for a cinematic experience.
  • Dozens of unique liveries.
  • Professional voice-actors.
  • Original soundtrack by Keiki Kobayashi.

If you have DCS: Supercarrier, please start with the SC version.


Voiceovers English, Chinese
Briefings/Subtitles English, Chinese


DCS: Supercarrier is desired