DCS: F/A-18C Operation Green Line Campaign

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This campaign is based on fictitious events and follows on from "Ford" and "Matrix's" exploits in the Straits of Hormuz on board the USS Abraham Lincoln in the "Rise of the Persian Lion II" Campaign. Although operations commence in Cyprus, much to "Fords" surprise, events will soon reach out to Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Jordan, testing both your flying accuracy and strike capabilities in the F/A-18C Hornet.

Even though the story line continues from the last campaign, "Operation Green Line" can be fully enjoyed as a standalone.

The campaign ethos, as before, is not necessarily to capture full reality but create an imaginative, immersive, and engaging set of missions linked together with a developing narrative.

Release: 05/21/2024

Key Features:

  • 12 Detailed totally different missions linked by an ongoing story line encompassing Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Jordan.
  • Both Carrier and land-based operations.
  • As before, the campaign has been developed in VR so there is no requirement to physically write down disappearing coordinates which break immersion.
  • Incorporation of optional Tanker refueling in some missions, but if fuel is carefully managed and tasks completed efficiently, all missions can be completed without Tanking.
  • Over 1,700 voice overs provided by voice artists.
  • "Speed Stop" feature, so nothing is missed if the pilot accelerates time.
  • Missions 9 to 12 allow you to decide the AI abilities to match your experience. Default is Veteran.
  • Detailed briefs for each mission, in game, and in PDF.
  • Kneeboards for each mission plus PDF versions for printing, if required.
  • Personalised aircraft skins.