DCS: F/A-18C Operation Cerberus North Campaign

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Civil war is raging in Syria. A number of factions fight for survival across the country while around them their neighbours watch the unfolding chaos nervously. Emboldened by the support of the Russian Federation the Syrian armed forces strive to crush the breakaway Democratic Forces in the north, whilst in the northeast a violent insurgency is adding fuel to a raging fire. Committed to protecting the Syrian rebels, NATO forces, under the 'Joint Syrian Task Force', launch Operation Cerberus North to establish a series of no fly zones across Syria. As the chain of events in this deadly conflict develops, the regional powers are put on a collision course towards all out war.

Following on from the events of the A-10C campaign 'Operation Persian Freedom', Operation Cerberus North will pit RAF exchange pilot David 'Steep' Hill and his new VMFA-232 squadron mates into a deep and immersive story driven campaign set in Syria and the surrounding area. Based on months of research Operation Cerberus North offers an incredibly detailed and immersive scenario for Hornet pilots to pit themselves against.

This highly immersive campaign is set across 16 missions - spread over 21 parts, and will push your abilities to effectively operate the Hornet in a range of mission types.

Release: 03/30/2022

Campaign Features:

  • Thrilling and immersive story that unfolds in intricate detail over the course of the campaign.
  • Extensive, detailed documentation and briefings, including a 98 page scenario 'intelligence briefing', 26 pages of SPINS and hundreds of pages of detailed briefing documents.
  • Highly developed level of immersion and interaction. Most missions can be completed in numerous ways and will react and respond believably to your actions and performance.
  • Several custom built systems including a custom built 'Jamming' system and a custom built 'JTAC' system that will enhance your experience.
  • Staging out of Incirlik air base, the campaign features a detailed, custom built Air Traffic Control system.
  • Fully voice acted by a range of actors with over 3000 lines of dialogue recorded.
  • Many optional conversations to take part in that will enhance the storyline if you wish or can be ignored if you prefer a quieter cockpit.
  • A carefully constructed learning curve to develop the pilot's ability to operate in a complex, high threat environment and ultimately enable the player to plan and execute complex missions.


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English