F-86F Hunters over the Yalu Campaign

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It's early 1953. After completing several tours in WWII, you're yet again putting your neck on the line by flying dangerous combat missions over North Korea. Command the 67th Fighter Bomber Squadron, attack enemy bridges, factories, strafe supply columns, and support the US troops as they fight their fierce battles on the ground. Survive the heavy flak and fighter attacks, then transfer to the legendary 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron to carry out large fighter sweeps in MIG Alley over the Yalu river, and tangle with massive bandit trains in the stratosphere. Watch out for the honchos, they say Casey Jones is back in business!

Release: 12/18/2019

Key Features:

  • 12 realistic missions to be flown as the squadron leader of the 67th FBS and the 39th FIS
  • Sequel of the "Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" campaign, although not mandatory
  • A detailed background story, mission contexts and checklists
  • Detailed briefings and briefing images, including separate PDF mission descriptions
  • Unique kneeboard graphics for each mission
  • Over 300 custom recorded voice-over messages and radio broadcasts
  • Historically accurate custom skins
  • A wide array of missions including CAS, Bombing, Fighter Sweep, Escort and Scramble


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English