DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign

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In a surprise move, Russia has, again, invaded Georgia and the United Nations is unable or unwilling to provide even the most basic military response to this attack. Initially, only the United States commits a small but highly effective force of A-10C Warthogs to help defend its Black Sea ally.

You are Major "Took" Key, a Flight Lead and Instructor Pilot assigned to the 74th Fighter Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Ga, who will lead the military response against the invading Russians.

Operation Agile Spear is a 16-mission, single player, story-driven campaign that will test you and your aircraft to the limit. Do you have what it takes to repel the invading Russian Army? Download Operation Agile Spear and find out.

"The campaign is great and extremely immersive!" Ian S.
"... it's a great campaign, it's fun and entertaining. I enjoyed it!" Yurgan S.

Release: 03/30/2022


Voiceovers English
Briefings/Subtitles English