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9 apr
Flight sim events continue to grow in number! This year is proving to be an exciting one for flight simmers and we are very happy to see this level of activity.
The event we want to share with you today is a competition for flight sim pilots, called the School of Flight 2012 and held at the Käthe-Kollwitz Gymnasium, located in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Germany.
Participants will have an opportunity to try the Black Box 2 and Twin Otter I cockpits. Among the participants are DCS squads 33rd AirBase, Spare Times Pilots, vJG74; IL-2 Sturmovik squad ZG26, and VATSIM of Germany.
The competition will take place in the popular wine-making region and tourist destination of Rheinland Pfalz. A remarkable place of interest is nearby – the Technik Speyer Museum of Technology, well known after its unique exhibits.
Event organizers are to take care of accommodations and sponsors are available for inexpensive meals.
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