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18 jul

For a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to backward compatibility, multiplayer in DCS World requires that all installed modules have serial numbers connected to a single website account. Customers who have made purchases using more than one account currently encounter an error during multiplayer login: "Invalid Serial Number".

We have already added a warning in the e-shop section, but have now also created a special page where customers are able to view the serial numbers attached to the account logged into the e-shop at the moment.

Remember, this is in regards to the multiplayer database only and does not affect your purchases and activations.

Short instructions:

  1. Login to the DCS website.
  2. Copy-paste the link into the address bar of your web browser and press Go.
  3. Unbind all DCS serial numbers.

Repeat for each of your e-shop accounts.

After all of your DCS serial numbers are unbound, login to DCS World multipayer from the game's interface. From this point on, all serial numbers of the installed modules will be bound to the current multiplayer account automatically.

We plan to further improve the serials page in the future.

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