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4 apr
Open beta DCS 1.2.8 Change Log

DCS World
  • Added FREE TF-51D for DCS World! This is the P-51D with the weapons, radios and rear tank removed with a jump seat added in the back. This does not include dual controls.
  • Added Su-25T 6 DOF cockpit.
  • Added initial Oculus Rift support, this does not include front end GUI yet.
  • AGM-114L/K: Increased speed to about 1.4M.
  • TACAN added to Lochini International (25X; TBS).
  • Corrected detection ranges of ground target by aircraft sensors. This can determine spotting of enemy ground units when Fog of War mode is enabled.
  • MQ-1 Predator: The radar has been removed.
  • Corrected wingtips vortex position for flyable aircraft.
  • Corrected HE warheads for unguided rockets.
  • SAM Hawk: Decreased altitude detection range from 25 to 22 km. Increased missile battery control time from 60 to 80 seconds.
  • SAM SA-11 Buk. Increased max speed from 3.2 to 3.4M.
  • MPQ-53 and SA-10 SR radars: Decreased minimum RCS detection level of target from 0.15 to 0.04 sq.m.
  • Fixed client crash when attempting to add task 'Fire At Point' for a dynamically created group.
  • Su-25T: SPO-15 sound is now muted when electric power is OFF.
  • "LockOn" label has been deleted from FC3 module description in Main Menu.
  • User images in Kneeboard will no longer disappear after window switching.
  • ME: Fixed toolbar becoming inactive in some conditions.
  • ME: Corrected location of the buttons in mission goals window.
  • Added internal cargo trigger.
  • Reworked chaff and flare rejecting logic for AA and SAM missiles.
  • Improvements to the multiplayer scoring system.
  • Fixed Command Start not functioning for AI aircraft.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight
  • Corrected campaign and single missions.
  • Emergency jettison switches are now wired correctly.
  • Fixed swapped buttons on the UV-26.
  • Hardpoint racks and additional armor can now be disabled.
  • Full function ADF (MV) ARK-9, ADF (UHF) ARK-UD
  • added instruments: magnetic compass, G-metr, outdoor thermometer

DCS: UH-1H Huey
  • ADF AN/ARN-83: Audio signal can now be heard in all modes.
  • Fixed animation of control lamp on flare dispenser control panel.
  • Fixed side M134 bracket arms clipping with side doors.
  • Added 3D model for wipers motor in cockpit.
  • Barrel block of M134 minigun now rotates in correct direction.
  • Pilot and co-pilot sights are now removed from the "civilian" variant.
  • Added additional armor option to the ME.
  • Fixed blurred texture of the tail rotor when damaged.
  • Added Sling Load mission capabilities¬†
  • Update DCS UH-1H Flight Manual_EN

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Added F-15C Advanced Flight Model (AFM)
  • Added Su-33 6DOF cockpit.
  • Su-25: SPO-15 sound is now muted when electric power is OFF.
  • A-10A: "Minimum Speed" sound is no longer heard during repairs.
  • MiG-29: EOS has had its detection range reduced to realistic performance levels.
  • Russian fighters. The angular size of HUD indication was reduced to real volumes.

DCS: P-51D Mustang
  • Left smoke generator will no longer be present when user added to loadout through in-game menu {LAlt + '}.
  • Decreased count of tracers in the guns.

DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2
  • Corrected gun shell cases appearance point.

DCS: Combined Arms
  • Corrected color of bullet tracers for 23 and 30mm SPAAG and 2A42.
  • Added SAM unit acquisition/search radar display.
  • Manpads controlled by players.
  • Added ability to control naval units from the Command Map.
  • Laser ranging and automatic barrel elevation for tanks.
  • Increase destructiveness of artillery rounds.
  • Control of air units now possible for clients in multiplayer.¬†
  • All ground group shoots on one target.
  • Corrected time reloading for artillery.