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23 jul
Changelog 1.2.5

DCS World
- Anti-radiation missiles: Added proximity fuses and adjusted accuracy.
- Further improvements to game stability.
- Improved MS Sidewinder FFB2 joystick support.
- Corrected module installation issues.
- Resource manager: Corrected logistic links.
- Resource manager: The value, speed and periodicity have been adjusted. Default supply speed is now 60 km/h.
- Visual detection of a target for AI units will now also be a function of time. The time of detection depends on target distance, aspect angle, and the presence of already detected targets nearby.
- When a target is no longer visible, the AI aircraft will use the target’s last known position and velocity to search for it.
- Added "STOP TRANSMISSION" trigger action.
- AI behavior option "DISPERSE UNDER FIRE" now has new parameter - dispersion delay.
- Added new AI behavior option - "RTB ON OUT OF AMMO".
- Added more tooltips to the Mission Editor.
- Message filter for Lock On aircraft: RShift+\.
- Added several new constants (AI) and functions (trigger, Controller) in Simulator Scripting Engine (SSE).
- Detection of radars by RWR have been reworked to make player and AI systems equal.
- The parking spaces for Anapa and Krymsk airbases have been corrected.
- Su-25T: The gun funnel has been adjusted.
- The several air to air missile factors have been adjusted.
- Updated airbase charts by  www.10thGunfighters.de and www.ariescon.com
- M256 HEAT ballistics corrected.
- Improved fire and smoke of aircraft fragments.
- Improved material of flares.
- Adjusted logbook data accounting. A specially of complex cases with multiple changes of aircrafts in one sortie.
- Mission Editor: Added briefing picture dialog. If file contain inappropriate symbols in the name, GUI Error appears.
- The broken input after exporting to HTML is fixed.
- Su-25T Quick Start mission trigger has been fixed.
- Mission Editor crashing after mission save in some circumstances has been fixed.
- Static objects will now be hidden when Fog of War is enabled.
- Crash after destruction of a firing MLRS Grad or Smerch is now fixed.
- SA-19 Tunguska will no longer engage the tactical air to surface weapons.
- Su-27 model. Sorbcya ECM pod navigation light position has been fixed.
- The armor of M6 Linebacker is now the same as the M2 Bradley.
- Added checkbox to save custom views in the OPTIONS - MISC page.
- IR signature of many aircraft have been corrected. 
- Fixed issues with absent engine sound when the player leaves the aircraft via RAlt-J.
- Mission editor error, when trying to set client skill before placing unit on the map is fixed.
- M2 Bradley ammo has been adjusted. 70 HE and 230 AP, 900 12.7
- The issue with burning aircraft causes huge FPS loss due to smoke / fire has been fixed.
- All missions and campaigns for modules are now translated into Spanish.
- SEAD aircraft no longer strafe when out of ARMs.
DCS: UH-1H Huey
- Tuned the "mast bumping" effect.  The rotor is now very hard  to break off while on the ground.
- The UH-1H manuals and readme have been updated.
- Fixed and updated UH-1H training files (now download from the Training menu).
- Sound samples path has been updated.
- The ADF will now work correctly with near NDB at Krymsk.
Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3
- A-10A: Added AFM.
- A-10A: Ripple quantity and release interval has been fixed.
- Su-33: Added new “Heavy Sky” campaign.
- Su-27: Added new liveries.
- Su-27: Fixed some minor model errors.
- Su-27: ”Blockade” mission having briefing image in the wrong coalition has been fixed.
- Su-27: added missing textures for Russian Knights.
- Su-27: Sunglare on the HUD apearing when HUD should be in shadow is now fixed.
- Many fixes/adjustments to FC3 missions and campaings.
- Fragile Landing Gear has been fixed.
- Su-25: Bombs falling short when using CCRP has been fixed.
- Su-25: Turning ON the laser rangefinder no longer causes the targeting cross to jump outside the gunsight now.
- F-15: Crash or freeze when on the ramp when changing HUD Modes is fixed.
- F-15: Negative airspeed values are now correctly displayed on the HUD airspeed tape.
- The FC3 installation check has been fixed.
- “Betty” voice warnings now use native language.
- The cockpit view system has been adjusted. Looking behind the aircraft will no longer look at an impossible angle.
DCS: Combined Arms
- Adjusted the machine gun sights for several vehicles.
- Manual updated.
- Fixed issue where tanks with AP shell can't lock sea units.

DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2
- Corrupted Shkval image aspect is fixed.