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20 may


  • Multiplayer. Icon and life bar of killed unit do not disappear for client (hide icon). Fixed.

  • Sometimes client doesn't get info about group placement. Fixed.

  • Fixed client crash on mission restart while still loading.

  • Added FW-190 as a static object.

  • MP. Clients crash after server unpause (mission related). Fixed.

  • Missing sounds in mission file is fixed.

  • Module manager. Removed installed add-on's from the available tab.

  • Command menu problem has been fixed: the same menus were not be able to be submenus.

  • AI do not follow advanced waypoint attack restrictions is fixed.


  • A-10C RWR works in the MP now.

  • AGM-65E can't be used in A-10C anymore.


  • Ground Commander control can move unmovable units


  • A-10A. Cockpit pressure altitude implemented in cockpit.

  • A-10A. Engine oil pressure indicators are working.

  • A-10A. APU gauges were added.

  • A-10A. Ripple quantity and interval is fixed.

  • A-10A. Cockpit time of day in HUD is incorrect is fixed.

  • Su-27. Cockpit RWR nail lights are reversed. Fixed.

  • FW-190. Warm air trail is removed.

  • F-15C. The IR threats will not indicate on the TEWS.

  • A-10A. Right rudder pedal is jammed forward in the cockpit is fixed.

  • Autothrust was removed at all aircrafts except of Su-33.

  • Su-33. Autotrust now should be engaged separately after route/return/landing autopilot mode was engaged.

  • Su-27/33. Flaperons control buttons animated.

  • Su-27/33. Flaps now can be commanded to extended at any speed. However they will be not extended until airspeed is lower than a certain value

  • A-10A. Cockpit, left yaw SAS switch moves when RWR makes a sound. Fixed.

  • A-10A. engine temperature indicators are fixed.

  • Su-27. Fixed gun shells counter.

  • A-10A All Circuit Breakers always popped out are fixed.


  • Corrected missions of UN campaign.