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17 may

For the next DCS update, the AH-64D will see the addition of three important features: the Fire Control Radar (FCR) Zoom and C-Scope functions and the LINK function for the FCR and TADS. Both are incredibly useful when engaging targets.

The Zoom function allows you to zoom-in on the FCR Next to Shoot (NTS) target at a 6:1 ratio, or you can use the display cursor on the FCR page to select an area to zoom in on. This is very useful when engaging closely grouped targets.

The C-Scope function, also selected from the FCR page, allows you to place FCR target identification symbols on both your Helmet Mounted Sight and the CP/G TEDAC display. This is an invaluable tool for building situational awareness, and AH-64D players without an FCR installed can still see these symbols using the datalink. Both items are previewed in this DCS: AH-64D FCR ZOOM & C-SCOPE video. 

The next update will also introduce the sight select LINK function to the AH-64D. This allows both the CP/G and Pilot to slave the TADS video to the FCR NTS. This will allow you to visually identify FCR targets through the TADS prior to engagement and allow you to perform battle damage assessments after an engagement. LINK also allows you to slave the FCR to the TADS.

You can learn more about LINK here DCS: AH-64 | FCR/TADS LINK