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3 may
Available now DCS: Kola in Early Access

Orbx is pleased to announce that its DCS: Kola map is now available in early access. The map covers northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Murmansk Oblast and parts of the Karelia region. It also includes large areas of the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea to the north and west, ideal for aircraft carrier operations.

The DCS: Kola early access release is offered with a special 20% discount ($55.99 USD), for a limited time whilst the Orbx team work to expand the content, detail, number of air bases, cities, towns, villages and infrastructure. The map price may also increase accordingly, so make sure you secure your discounted version now.

The early-access release of DCS: Kola focuses on a large area that spans the Finland/Russia border and encompasses, central Finland and the western parts of the Murmansk and Karelia regions of Russia (see map). Within that subregion are several higher detailed areas, centered on airports in Finland (Rovaniemi, Kemi Tornio plus two road airbases), and Russia (Olenegorsk, Severomorsk 1, Severomorsk 3, Monchegorsk, and Murmansk International), and their urban and rural surroundings and infrastructure. Outside of this focus area, two airports in Norway (Bodo and Laksekv) and three in Sweden (Kalixfors, Kiruna, and Jokkmokk) are functional but not fully detailed yet.

Key Features of the Early-Access Release

 Additional Features after Early-Access Release                

Improvements to landscape features and detail, as well as additional areas with high-resolution aerial orthoimagery.