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27 apr
Upcoming DCS: Kola terrain

“The DCS: Kola map by Orbx will be released into early access on the 3rd of May 2024 bringing a new and engaging region to DCS. Based on the current day, with allowances for Cold War scenarios, the map covers more than 575,000 sq km of land and large areas of the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea. The early access release will feature summer textures with the highest detail area stretching along the Russian/Finnish border from the Murmansk region of the Kola peninsula in the north to the shores of the Baltic Sea in the south. This area is home to the Russian Northern Fleet, the submarine pens of Polyarny, strategic air bases such as Severomorsk and Olegnegorsk, and several Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian air bases, and road runways!

We at Orbx are delighted to collaborate with experienced campaign creators including Baltic Dragon and Reflected Simulations to bring exciting campaigns to this map.

Following the early access release, we will deliver major updates starting in June 2024. This includes winter textures and additional airbases such as Andoya, Bardufoss, Evenes, Vidsel, Kilpyavr, Alakkurti, and others. Many military installations and training areas across the Kola map will be further developed with improvements added to terrain detail based on high-resolution aerial orthoimagery. New cities and towns, more custom POIs and vertical obstructions, and complex industrial sites will also be added.

We have recruited a large team of active DCS players to help with all aspects of testing, optimization, and prioritisation to help tune and improve the map.”

– Orbx

Please check out the Development Screenshots. Stay tuned for the early access launch of DCS: Kola.