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12 apr
WWII Pacific

We’re excited to bring you some fresh development screenshots for new DCS World War II aircraft and aircraft carriers. In parallel with the work on the European World War II theater, we are creating an exciting DCS 1944 Pacific Theater of Operations. This will include the Marianas of the era, a large number of new AI aircraft, naval units, and ground units.

USS Enterprise (CV-6) Aircraft Carrier

The big “E” is known as one of the most storied aircraft carriers of World War II. From its distinct structure to its bustling flight deck, we are meticulously crafting every detail to recreate the experience of being aboard this legendary vessel. 

F6F Hellcat 

The Hellcat is progressing well with the Flight Model receiving a lot of attention. The external model details are being polished with various liveries being created for the launch. The Hellcat was by far the most successful U.S. Navy fighter type of the Pacific Theatre of Operation with the F6F accounting for 5,163 kills or 56% of all aerial victories recorded by the USN and US Marines in WWII. Its effectiveness was outstanding with an overall 19:1 kill to loss ratio.

Marianas WWII

A substantial amount of work is also being made to the free DCS: Marianas WWII map. In addition, an array of other US Navy and Imperial Japanese surface warfare vessels and ground units are in progress too. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!