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1 mar

In case you missed it, Ugra Media's most recent updates to the DCS: Syria Map delivered optimized scenes and models by reducing the number of bushes, and textures while simplifying damages and car models. Ground textures saw a boost in frame rate performance due to updates to the ground vector data renderer. 

Detailed enhancements cover the territories of southern Israel and Jordan, featuring additions like Amman, King Abdullah II, Prince Hassan, Muwaffaq Salti, and Herzliya airfields. Technical fixes addressed relays and ILS in Ramat David airfield, and errors in objects were also fixed. The adjustments to the sea depth near the shore and a tower frequency change at Wujah Al Hajar airfield improve realism, while Ein Shemer airfield benefits from a runway extension, and added parking lots at Ein Shemer, Megiddo, and Ramat David airfields.