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13 oct

To ensure improved immersion, our new Voice Chat system now uses real-world audio physics to modulate the sound of your voice in order to replicate radio effects. To create more life-like communications, distortions, signal loss, and interference are simulated. These effects will vary based on the era of the radio, meaning, voices in modern aircraft will be clearer than in warbirds. 

We are also making improvements to the radio and Voice Chat Room interfaces, allowing you to find your friends in multiplayer more easily. 

Soon, Voice Chat will be rolled out to all other DCS modules, starting with the ‘Airboss’ for DCS: Supercarrier. We are also working on a separate voice chat program, which will allow you to communicate with units in multiplayer servers without having to actually run the simulator. Please subscribe to the newsletter in the Personal section on our website for more details coming soon!