Discover the outstanding progress being made on the F-100D

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28 jul
Discover the outstanding progress being made on the F-100D

Utilizing advanced 3D scanning technologies and photogrammetry we have obtained precise measurements, shapes, and textures of the exterior and cockpit. All data was then processed and refined before being sent to our 3D art team to be used as accurate reference for modeling & texturing. The following areas were addressed to enhance the F-100D Super Sabre module:

Exterior Model:
Detailed photography serves as the foundation for creating an accurate exterior model of the F-100D. This included refining the aircraft's overall shape, panel lines, surface details, and textures. The goal was to recreate the iconic appearance of the Super Sabre with the utmost fidelity, allowing users to appreciate its unique design features.

Cockpit Model:
The 3D scans provide invaluable references for recreating the F-100D's cockpit. Every switch, knob, gauge, and control panel can be meticulously replicated to reflect the real-world counterpart. The integration of accurate cockpit lighting and functional elements further adds to the immersive experience of operating the aircraft.

Sound Design:
To complement the visual and flight model improvements, the development team additionally recorded a multitude of sounds from the cockpit enhancing the audio experience associated with the F-100D Super Sabre.

Current Progress:
The current development progress of the F-100D module is steadily moving forward, with the module currently in a flyable state. We have made significant progress in various areas, including the flight model, engine, fuel and hydraulic systems, which are currently undergoing alpha testing. Additionally, we are actively testing and refining the core systems of the aircraft, such as electrical, radio, radio navigation, TACAN, oxygen, lighting, IFF, seek silence, and base weapon systems. These systems are being fine tuned to ensure their functionality and authenticity in the aircraft. Comprehensive testing allows us to identify and address any issues or improvements necessary to deliver an immersive F-100D experience to the community. 

Future Development:
The integration of 3D scans has significantly improved the accuracy and fidelity of the F-100D Super Sabre module in DCS World. However, our commitment to ongoing development means that there are still further improvements to be made. Our future plans include:

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