DCS: Normandy 2.0 is available in Open Beta

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21 apr
DCS: Normandy 2.0 is available in Open Beta

DCS: Normandy 2 is 2.4 x larger than Normandy 1 and uses our latest map technology with our new enhanced lighting engine, object detailing, terrain texture resolution and damage modelling. In addition Ugra Media have done a fantastic job of recreating a vast number of historical buildings, airfields and infrastructure. For more details on this fabulous map, and how to upgrade please read the latest Normandy 2.0 FAQ forum section

The early access price of DCS: Normandy 2 is USD 47.99, however, existing owners of DCS: Normandy 1944 or DCS: The Channel can upgrade for only USD 14.99, and owners of both legacy maps pay USD 9.99. Please be aware that this is a limited time offer and as of today, the legacy version of DCS: Normandy 1944 is no longer on offer. 

For those of you who run DCS World Steam Edition, please rest assured that we are doing our best to bring you the exact same exclusive deals. Stay tuned for details. 

Here are some of the best preview videos from popular YouTube channels:

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