F-4E Phantom II Development Report

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31 mar
F-4E Phantom II Development Report

The F-4E Phantom II is a 3rd generation multirole fighter aircraft, and formed the backbone of many air forces worldwide. Heatblur Simulations’ recreation of the Phantom aims to be as realistic as possible, and marries together a decade of development experience with a new, powerful next generation simulation framework created for all future Heatblur Simulations products.

DCS: F-4E is now approaching completion and an unveiling in preparation for early access release. Full completion of the following systems has occurred or is imminent:

Currently, the Heatblur team is focused on completing some of the last remaining major items of the Phantom II, including some of the more unique and complex features found in other Heatblur modules, such as JESTER AI. JESTER AI is Heatblur’s proprietary AI technology to provide an immersive and unique experience for multi-crew aircraft, currently available in the DCS: F-14. DCS: F-4E will debut JESTER v2, a ground-up rewrite of JESTER AI, providing a better foundation for future extensibility, improvements and a more immersive experience. JESTER v2 will also serve as the foundation for future Heatblur aircraft, such as DCS: A-6E.