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14 oct

The Lavochkin La-7 is one of the most famous Soviet fighters that saw action towards the end of the Second World War. It was the crown jewel of Soviet World War II aircraft design and saw great success at the hands of Red Army Air Force ace, Ivan Nikitovitch Kozhedub, with 60 kills, the vast majority of which were Fighters!

The La-7 aircraft is equipped with the 14 cylinder ASh-82FN radial engine which was a derivative of the ASh-62, itself based on a license built version of the American Wright Cyclone R-1820. The ASh-82 was truly the pinnacle of Soviet air-cooled engines, reliable and easy to maintain, it developed 1’850 hp. The aircraft was also well armed with two formidable 20-mm ShVAK cannons. The wooden airframe was light and sleek yet extremely rugged. It offered excellent overall performance, and was loved by its pilots for its handling and capabilities, making it easily as good as the best Axis fighters in air combat. 

The OctopusG team has leveraged their experience developing the DCS: I-16 to develop the most accurate La-7 possible. Their La-7 will have a fully interactive cockpit, detailed systems modeling, and an outstanding flight model based on years of DCS World development experience. 

The module is very far along, and it is planned to be released into Early Access in the first part of 2023.