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5 nov

Since the release of Stable 2.7.7 version, many WWII bugs have been closed. We would like to thank our active community for their efforts and the positive feedback. Please enjoy our new The Channel and Warbird Bundles.

In the past two weeks we have focused on resolving some of the outstanding bugs in our WWII modules. Many of these fixes are now available in 2.7.7. Stable. This work will be ongoing for the foreseeable future and we hope to bring you more detailed feedback in upcoming news. Thanks to our faithful community for your patience and support, as some of these issues have been around for far too long.

The popularity of our WWII product line has been growing steadily and we have decided to offer a 30% discount on bundled modules, consisting of any one WWII warbird together with The Channel Map. We hope this will be well received and help to expand the interest in these exceptional aircraft for users seeking to expand their DCS experience.