DCS: Mosquito FB Mk. IV development progress

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9 jul

DCS: Mosquito FB Mk.VI is progressing well. The cockpit is near final; we are adding details to instrumentation colour, reflections, and colour balance. Work on the radio transmitter T1154.B and receiver R1155 devices, as well as radio communications for VoiceChat, is also approaching completion. The external model is almost finished, and texturing is near completion. To keep you informed on the development process, we have taken the opportunity to prepare some In Development screenshots for you. 

We have improved gauge visibility by refining the center and side panel colour gamma values. The same pre-calculated ray tracing technology used in DCS: Mi-24P Hind has also been added. Glass, plastic covers, luminescent dials, and exposed wiring provide a more realistic look and feel. 

We are also working on final improvements to the external model, and we will be sharing progress with you soon. We are excited to see the finish approaching, and look forward to seeing this iconic fighter bomber in DCS World.