DCS: Marianas available!

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2 jul

This week we announced Open Beta 2.7.3 with powerful, new, under-the-hood features that enhance our unprecedented flying experience. DCS: Marianas provides an immersive, more natural environment that introduces our latest graphical technologies to render crisper details at low level flight. The beautiful islands of Rota, Tinian, Guam and Saipan are amazing to explore, and they are packed with unique, high quality assets throughout. You should not be surprised to learn that this map requires higher performing PCs to get the most detail.

We are committed to building the world’s best maps, and DCS: Marianas takes us even further down this road with brand new ways to navigate and explore. You will experience enhanced detail in cities and neighborhoods, commercial districts, airfields, ports, elevation, new buildings, new road colours and signs, custom-designed landmarks, and a new night-time mode with varied street lighting throughout. 

For many of you DCS: Caucasus has become indispensable, and this year we’ve created more ways to enhance the DCS combat experience. Being a free map, DCS: Marianas brings our online community together with no purchase requirements. The Marianas brings an all new environment to play in with new missions.

DCS: Marianas is running on our latest EDGE 2.7 graphics engine. To fly this map you will need to download the latest Open Beta and head over to the Module Manager. We are looking forward, as ever, to your feedback. Please check out The Marianas Release Trailer.