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9 apr

We are pleased to inform you that Open Beta 2.7.0 is progressing well and will soon be available. This update will bring noticeable changes to DCS World including the new Clouds and fire effects as well as our advanced WWII propeller technology.

We are working fast towards moving DCS: F/A-18C Hornet to Release state and you will enjoy some substantial enhancements which will be visible in the 2.7 Open Beta release. Extensive work on the ATFLIR targeting pod as well as the AGM-88C HARM modes have been completed as well as the Coupled Autopilot mode and new Radar modes which are also now in final testing.

Bringing PB mode to the HARM for both Viper and Hornet required us to develop new math models capable of accurately predicting the optimum missile flight profile and the limits of the missile’s range envelope.