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2 apr
We are pleased to announce two new multiplayer features for DCS: Supercarrier. These will be available in the coming update of DCS World 2.7.0 and will offer the ability for human LSOs to control the ‘cut lights’ and ‘wave off lights’ for network players on approach. All our main updates to DCS: Supercarrier are also being worked on and their release is planned for Q3 2021. These enhancements include the Air boss and his ops station, detailed briefing room and PLAT camera along with many other improvements.

The 3D Air Boss (PriFly) station will come with the possibility to control deck flood lights, the speed and direction of the carrier, and monitor the PLAT camera. In addition, we will implement launch and recovery operations from the Air Boss (PriFly) via 5MC messages.

The 3D Briefing Room will offer interactive squadron meeting capability. This is particularly interesting for multiplayer action, pre-mission start and for after action review. Our Integrated Voice Chat will also allow real-time coms with your squadron. An interactive map, PLAT camera, Greenie and Kill boards will provide simultaneous online statistics during mission progression. Each pilot seat in the briefing room includes an interactive tablet that will allow you to control the fueling and arming of your aircraft.