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19 mar

Today, we are pleased to announce the Early Access features for DCS: Mosquito FB Mk.VI. The Mosquito will be optimised for multi-crew and will be the first two manned, twin-engined WWII aircraft in DCS World. Please have a look at the In Development Screenshots.

All systems and components have been modelled in excruciating detail and include the recent cooling system updates that were made to DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt. 

Early Access Features;

Early Access Armament:

The damage model for the Mossie considers the internal wood structure of the airplane and uses each internal element of the aircraft - oil, air, hydraulic and cooling systems, engine, throttle, trim, and the airframes main strength spars and stringers to calculate the visual damage.

We are now able to consider all these factors, which in turn enables us to more accurately simulate damage to the airframe and the effects on the flight model. For example, damage to the wing skin will lead to a decrease in the lift and cause more drag, damage to the spar will cause strength reduction and potentially wing snap under certain strains. 

We look forward to sharing further progress, please check out In Development Screenshots.

Features coming after Early Access:

When the Mossie becomes available in Early Access, we will be considering feedback from the community and working on the next stages of development.