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27 nov

As you may be aware, in the last month we updated our forum software. The update caused some unforeseen disruptions and we apologise for any inconveniences.

On Monday, we will make a major improvement by migrating to a new IPS-based forum engine. This is being done to iron out bugs in the current forum and to accommodate user traffic whilst taking advantage of mobile viewing without the need for additional software. 

Please note that if you are not able to login, you will have to request a password reset. If you can login, no further action is required. 

BBCode is a legacy markup language that was originally designed to allow users to submit rich content prior to the advancement of WYSIWYG editors. BBCode will not be supported in the new forum. All posts with deprecated BBCode will be converted over the next 3 days and after that, all BBCode support will be switched off forever. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] markup is not supported by IPS, this BBCode content can not be converted automatically and will not show.