New F/A-18C Hornet Features

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30 oct
This week we are pleased to share some new features for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet coming in next Open Beta. We are finalising work on the data link information that displays friendly, unknown and hostile air contacts to the Helmet Mounted Display. Once completed, we will also add the Air-to-Ground mode.

The new GRID function will allow you to edit and create waypoints using coordinates, this is particularly useful when working with a JTAC. The new Azimuth / Elevation (AZ/EL) air-to-air radar page will display contacts and their relative elevation. Later, we will add the automatic-IFF and FLIR elements to this page.

We are also working on the ground effect for the Hornet and have corrected lofting for the HARM. A bug when using IR-maverick for the first time has also been resolved as well as many more improvements.