DCS World 2.5.6 Is Here!

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14 feb

Today we introduce the initial release of 2.5.6 to Open Beta. This update will be quite large as it updates most of the terrains, this is also why it has taken some extra time to get it out to everyone. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding. The release will include, but is not limited to;

Improved Water

The transparency of the water has been improved; the depth of the water now feels more accurate and water becomes more blurred the deeper you go. The upcoming torpedos for WWII Asset Pack will be easier to track underwater. The shorelines also benefit greatly from this improvement, in particular the cliffs of Dover in the new theatre DCS: The Channel.

Improved Environment Lighting

We have worked hard to increase the range and visibility of lights to enhance the night flying experience. We know that it is far from perfect and will continue to improve the look and feel at night.

Change log