Updated A-10C Warthog Update and Other DCS World News

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22 feb

In addition to the creation of new modules, maps, and campaigns, we are also quite busy updating older content. Because DCS World is such a long-lived product that is continually updated, some content will become, and look outdated as the technology advances. Two good examples of this are the very popular A-10C Warthog and Ka-50 Blackshark modules. These modules are receiving significant updates that include a complete re-build of the cockpit geometry and textures. These will take advantage of deferred shading, physical based rendering, and proper VR projection in regards it the A-10C.

In parallel, we also continue to update older AI units, the Su-34 Fullback being the most recent example. Over time, we will also update other older models like the C-17, Tu-95, and others. However, given the extreme detail put into each of these modules, it takes time.

DCS World Release Version Update

This week we moved the Open Beta version of DCS World to the Release (aka Stable version). Please find the complete change log for this week’s Release version update here.

Notable items in the update this week includes: