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10 aug

Last week we launched our Yak-52 into early access and we are ecstatic about its great reception! This week we moved DCS: Yak-52 to the release version of DCS World. Next week, 15 August, the Yak-52 will be available on Steam. Since the early access release, we’ve seen some great videos:

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We are now focused on bringing the Yak-52 out of early access with the following improvements already accomplished internally, and coming to you next week in the DCS World Open Beta:

Work continues on the following elements to bring the Yak-52 out of early access:

DCS World Release Version Update

This week we moved the new DCS World Open Beta content to the Release version. In addition to adding the Yak-52, other important changes include:

You can find the complete change log on the DCS forum