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Type - Skin
Author - western0221
Date - 01/31/2022 11:40:41
Boeing 747 USA Freighters' pack --- Kalitta Air + Pacific Air Cargo + Polar Air Cargo --- Total 13x skins.

Kalitta Air started freighter operations in 2000 and now operates 20+ Boeing 747-400F/BCF family.
US Military often charters Kalitta Air and its white bodies or red + gold stripes are often seen in US-AFBs.

Pacific Air Cargo is a small small airline operating only one B747 based Honolulu.

Polar Air Cargo started freighter operations in 1993. It is now under Atlas Air group and almost all flights are scheduled for DHL. But in its history, US Military charters were also done and seen in AFBs like Kalitta Air.

This skinpack needs "Boeing 747 Common Normal map / RoughMet Textures pack Rev 2" from here. ---
When you see strange checker blocks on the skins in DCS World, the "Boeing 747 Common Normal map / RouhMet Textures pack Rev 2" is not installed / not set-up correctly.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 21.63 Mb
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