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DCS: World 2.7
F-16C Viper
Type - Skin
Author - CHSubZero
Date - 02/06/2022 07:48:36
Update 2022-02-06: Pilot patch fixed, Refuel slot in correct color, Tested with DCS 2.7.10

This General Dynamics F-16A was used by NASA Dryden Flight Research Center as an accompanying aircraft for testing the one and two-seater F-16XL and later as a test vehicle in the AFTI program (Advanced Fighter Technology Integration) at the DFRC. It is the only F-16 (serial no. 82-0976) with civil registration N826NA. Previously, this F-16A was used by the Langley Research Center with the identifier N516NA. The vertical tail of the A version was replaced by a C / D vertical tail during use.
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